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Kristen Tomassi: Life, Career, and Financial Standing, Former Spouse of Richard Branson

American designer Kristen Tomassi is also a draftsperson. She was the wife of Richard Branson, a prominent businessman. She is Joseph Tomassi’s little girl. She serves as a modeler and inside originator. Moreover, we are currently unable to learn about her professional background.

We are completely clueless as to her precise birthdate and place of conception. Although her current age is unknown, we can assume that she is in her late sixties. 

Her identity is in the US. She is the daughter of Joseph H. Tomassi, a financial specialist. She also has a sibling, but she doesn’t know anything about them. There are no more nuances that she is significantly aware of. We have no idea where she went to school or where she moved on from. She is in perfect shape. She has not disclosed any illnesses or ailments.


Name:Kristen Tomassi
Profession(s):Interior Designer, Architect
Date of Birth:1952 (.Approx)
Father :Joseph Tomassi
ChildrenGalen AyersNicholas Ball
Spouse:Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (1972-1979)Kevin Ayers (separated)Axel Ball (present)

Kristen Tomassi’s Childhood

Despite having been born in the United States, she has spent a significant amount of time living in England. Growing up in a wealthy family in the northeastern United States was Tomassi’s childhood experience. Her father, Joseph Tomassi, oversaw global advertising improvement for Libby International, a significant frozen food company. His father could have chosen Kristen from the best tuition-paying schools.

Education of Kristen Tomassi

She enrolled in the free life experience school Concord Academy in Massachusetts, where she completed grades 9 through 12. The school functioned as a private academy, increasing her chances of being accepted into a respectable institution. She proceeded straight to Fairfield University, a private Jesuit Catholic university located in Fairfield, Connecticut, Litchfield County, after leaving Concord Academy. Jenny attended college up until she saw her career choice in interior design. After leaving the Parsons School of Configuration, she went on to Arizona State School of Architecture to focus on architecture.

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Kristen Tomassi’s romantic partner

The couple married on July 22, 1972, in England. At their wedding ceremony, Reverend Hubert McCann performed. The venue for the event was Shipton-on-Cherwell’s Church of the Holy Cross. At the Manor Studios in Oxfordshire, England, they exchanged vows. When they got married, Richard was 21 and she was only 20. She was focusing on engineering and planning at that point. As for Branson, she had already accomplished amazing things at such a young age. She had done a splendid job of converting the chateau into a hotel and recording studio. He had worked out how to become the head of Caroline Records, a subsidiary of Connaught Publications, Ltd., and its then-auxiliary, Virgin Records. In 1979, the two got apart and went their separate ways.

Kevin Ayers and Kristen Tomassi together

In 1979, Tomassi and Branson parted ways. She quickly became romantically involved with rock star Kevin Ayers. Tomassi remains in England and has one child, a small girl, from her marriage to Kevin Ayers. Before divorcing Branson, Kristen Tomassi married Kevin Ayers. Branson was dating Kevin’s partner at the time, and the two were attempting an open marriage. Because none of the couples felt they needed the association, they each went off in a different direction.

After her divorce from Ayers, she married Axel Ball. He is a wealthy German real estate developer. He was Richard Branson’s former coworker. The pair currently resides in Soller, Mallorca.

Kristen Tomassi and her current spouse, Nicholas Ball, are also parents to an adult child. He is married to Nadine Hawa and works as a realtor. Adriana Ball and Alexander Ball are her two children.

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Divorce of Kristen Tomassi

After a few years, the couple continued their relationship, but Kristen’s anxiety and Branson’s business plan caused tension. Since neither of them had dated anyone else, their relationship began to drain them. It’s unlikely that the stress led to infidelity on both sides.

Before the division, Tomassi and Richard made an effort to mend their relationship by taking trips together. They used a remote ocean boat there, but they were engulfed in a storm. Branson and Tomassi swam to shore together. Never again was the boat seen. Despite managing to weather the storm together, the couple was unable to keep their marriage intact.

Kristen Tomassi’s wealth

Kristen has a long history in the media industry, and his estimated net worth is between $1 and $5 million. He has accumulated a sizable fortune, the majority of which comes from his work in architecture and design. She would rather live a simple life, even with his obvious wealth.

Facts about Kristen Tomassi

  • She is the spouse of well-known English businessman and investor Richard Branson. 
  • She got married to Richard Branson when she was twenty years of age. 
  • When she divorced Richard, she married Kevin Ayers. 
  • Following their divorce from Kevin, Kristen Tomassi wed Axel Bell.
  • With her first husband, she had a daughter, and with her current spouse, a son.


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