March 4, 2024

Power Outage at Newburgh Stoplights Due to Accident

In Newburgh, a traffic collision on Sunday afternoon led to the loss of power for traffic signals at multiple intersections. According to the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office, the affected areas included the intersections of SR 261 with Oakgrove Road and SR 261 with Vann Road. This disruption was attributed to an incident where a vehicle collided with a utility pole on Casey Road.

Consequently, electrical lines were brought down, resulting in the closure of Casey Road stretching from Peachwood to Vann Roads. In addition to managing the traffic disruption, firefighters were called to extinguish a minor brush fire caused by the accident.

Centerpoint Energy was reported to have arrived at the scene to address the situation.

The accident resulted in minor injuries, as stated by the firefighters.

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