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Who is Billy Ethridge? Age, Height, Career, Family and Net Worth

Who is Billy Ethridge? Age, Height, Career, Family and Net Worth

Billy Ethridge spent 64 years of his life in Lake Village as a well-known musician and political activist. He had a lengthy and prosperous career in music and was born in Drew County in 1930. Although Ethridge performed with several bands, such as Frank Beard and Sam & Dave, it was his work with Dusty Hill that gave him the most success. 

Tres Hombres, Ethridge’s debut solo album, was well-received by both critics and fans when it was released in 1987. “Midnight,” the album’s lead single, shot to the top of the charts and helped make Ethridge a household name. But the album’s success also influenced Ethridge’s choice to leave Dusty Hill and concentrate on his solo career.

In addition to being a successful musician, Ethridge was an avid hunter and a politically engaged activist. He felt he had an advantage in the outdoors because of his Cherokee ancestry, which he was proud of. He was always up for a new challenge and enjoyed telling tales of his exploits, like hauling catfish. 

Ethridge recorded multiple more albums and gave solo performances into his later years. Throughout his career, he performed at many events and was a significant player in the music industry until his passing. Still, Ethridge’s life and legacy were largely defined by his activism and outdoor passion.


Full NameBill Ethridge
Marital statusMarried
Net WorthUSD 1 million

Parents of Billy Ethridge

Born in Drew County in 1930, Billy Ethridge was a well-known musician and political activist who spent the majority of his life in Lake Village. Regretfully, we do not currently have any information about his parents; however, we will keep this page updated if new details become available. 

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After completing his education at Dermott High School, Ethridge spent more than fifty years in the U.S. Army until his retirement in 1986. Later on in life, he worked for Alice-Sydney Dryer & Seed Company and attended Oak Grove Free Will Baptist Church regularly.

Apart from his military service and professional pursuits, Ethridge was well-known for his involvement in both music and politics. He performed with the band ZZ Top and belonged to the Democratic Party. In a cameo appearance on the television series “Bones,” he portrayed Angela Montenegro’s father. 

Regretfully, Ethridge went away, leaving a lasting legacy as a legendary rock and roll star, political activist, and former military man. Although he will be greatly missed, his music and community service will never fade.

Billy Ethridge’s Career in Singing

For more than 40 years, Billy Ethridge of ZZ Top has been a well-known figure in the rock music industry. His solo album Tres Hombres was his first commercial hit, and it helped him build a global fan base. He received a Grammy Award nomination in 2017 for his song Sincerely, The Sky’s the Limit. 

Despite being at the center of many scandals during his career, Ethridge continues to have the greatest influence in the music business. He is still touring the world and has shown support for a variety of political causes, including the Democratic Party and Congress.

Over time, Ethridge’s political beliefs have not changed. He participated in the Westminster Bridge’s construction as an American Labour Party member in the 1970s. In addition to his solo work, he has collaborated with other renowned artists such as Frank Beard, Dan Mitchell, and Sam & Dave. Ethridge has had a huge impact on rock music and has made a significant contribution to the music industry. He keeps touring and releasing new albums, making a lasting impression on the music industry.

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Concerning Billy Ethridge Band

The iconic American rock group ZZ Top is well-known for both their bearded appearances and their blues-infused rock sound. Drummer Frank Beard, bassist Dusty Hill, and guitarist Billy Gibbons, who serves as lead vocalist, are the members of the band that was formed in Houston, Texas, in 1969. The blues had a big influence on the band’s early sound, and they soon became well-known in Texas before landing a record contract with London Records in 1970. Later that year, ZZ Top’s First Album, their debut album, was released, featuring the hit song “La Grange,” which became a mainstay on classic rock radio.

ZZ Top kept putting out successful albums and singles over the ensuing decades, such as Tres Hombres, Eliminator, and Afterburner. Blues, hard rock, and boogie music were all blended into their repertoire, and Gibbons’s guitar solos and unique voice were what made them stand out. ZZ Top is well-known for their music as well as their unique style, which includes sunglasses and long beards. The band has never hidden their passion for automobiles; references to hot rods and fast cars can be heard in many of their songs.

ZZ Top has won various accolades throughout their career, including admissions into the Texas Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are still one of the most recognizable and significant rock bands of all time, touring and recording new music.

Bill Etheridge’s stature and height

Bill Etheridge’s height is currently unavailable. Bill’s body measurements will be updated shortly; his weight is unknown.

Bill Etheridge’s Net Worth

The net worth of Bill Etheridge at the time of his death is around 1 million US dollars.


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